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2019 JCU Dentistry Graduate

My name is Gurleen Boparai. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I went to a private school in Tsawwassen, BC. I applied to JCU Dentistry in grade 12. I decided to go right after high school because at that point my mind was set on becoming a Dentist. At the end of 5th year I was able to write the NDEB in Sydney. I took a course which helped me prepare for this exam. I graduated from the BDS program at the end of 2019, and got my license to practice in Canada early 2020. Currently I am working 5-6 days in private practice. I am glad I got a lot of clinical practice at JCU, as it made my transition smooth.


2022 (deferred) JCU Medical Student

Hey! I’m Rahat and I’m an incoming first year at JCU and I did my undergrad in Human Kinetics at UOttawa. Recently I started a YouTube channel and blog to document my life in and out of medical school in Australia, and I love travelling, sports and movies/photography! During my gap year before med school I’ve been doing cancer research with a surgeon at the Ottawa Hospital, and have been trying to make a podcast/YouTube series where I interview doctors/surgeons/other medical students about their experiences in and out of medicine in order to bring more exposure to their fields for current premed/medical students. I’ve also dyed my hair a few times and been playing a lot of video games/trying to get into calisthenics